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People are created in the image of a creative God. As God made a world full of beauty,
we believe that human efforts to create beauty can be a way of honoring and worshipping God.
Just as we want to see education and commerce developed and transformed for God’s glory,
we want to see the same thing happen in the life of City View Church.



Worship is our personal and corporate expression of our adoration of God. Every aspect of our worship is based on God's Word and empowered by His Holy Spirit. More than singing a few songs, worship is our response to the awesome God we serve and what He has done for us.


Throughout the week, we desire to live lives that honor God with every breath—and on Sundays, we gather together to express our love to Him.

God has richly blessed City View with a variety of talented musicians and singers who express their love and devotion to God through music.  We want to be a collective of musicians, not a band; therefore we are always seeking to add new musicians and singers. 

In addition to music, City View has a number of talented writers, painters, and graphic artists.  It is our desire to utilize these gifts as an expression of worship through the display of such work through sermon series, website, and other means. 

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