In short, we love having families at our church. Parenting can be overwhelming;
the idea of bringing kids to church can raise cold sweat on a parent’s brow. 
This page is to reassure you that we want you and your kids here at City View.



AN OUTSTANDING TEAM of background-checked adult leaders will be ready to greet you and guide you to where your child's class meets.  Every volunteer is trained to teach and encourage children in understanding the basic truths about God.  We want the children at City View to grow up with an understanding of what the Bible says and how it applies to their lives.


CITY KIDS provides opportunities for children from birth through Kindergarten during the morning services. You’re welcome to use those services if you like; or if you prefer to have your kids in worship with you, plenty of our families do that too!  Our goal is to provide worship services that are family oriented, welcoming all ages to worship together. 


Infants and toddlers can be dropped off in the nursery upon your arrival. We encourage children three years of age and older to join their parents for the singing and prayer time at the beginning of the service; before the sermon begins, they’ll be sent to their respective classrooms. 



It's our desire to see children grow in wisdom, stature and favor as Jesus did. For more information please contact Scott McDowell at