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City View Students exists to encourage students to know, love, and serve Jesus.
As City View Student Ministry, we desire to fulfill the mission statement of City View Church in
a student context.  City View Students is open to grades 5th-12th from any school.




The ministry of City View Students strives to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ by accepting youth from every background and by representing Jesus as a group wherever we go and in whatever we do.  The Bible promises us that if we seek Him we will find Him (Matthew 7:7). Our desire is to encourage students to seek Him first in all areas of life.



We pray that the students come to know the personal relationship Jesus has to offer us. We want to encourage our students to live out their faith in our schools, homes, and the places we hang out.  It is our desire to serve the Lord as we serve others.



We teach others how to make God a part of their lives and show them the joys of living a life that follows and honors Christ. We support each other in unity by being willing to listen, pray, and give encouragement in all youth’s individual issues and celebrate their triumphs.



We worship in a way that brings us closer to God through prayer, music, and Bible study. We meet every Wednesday starting at 6:30 and lasting until 8pm. 

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