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City Group Ministry

City Groups are small groups that meet all around the west side of Indianapolis strategically placed in homes so we can minister to each other as we reach out to those around us in our communities.  City Groups meet at different times throughout the week.   Through involvement in a City Group, you will have the opportunity to grow deep in your walk with God as you grow closer in relationships with others in the church.   

City Kids Ministry

In a city made up of so many young families, our City Kids ministry is one of the most important ministries of the church.  Every volunteer is trained to teach and encourage children in understanding the basic truths about God.  We want the children at City View to grow up with an understanding of what the Bible says and how it applies to their lives.  We currently provide this opportunity for children from birth through 5th grade during the morning service. Our kids (2 and up) remain in the worship service for the music portion and are released back to their age-appropriate classrooms during the sermon. 

Men’s / Women’s Ministries

Our Men’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry provide opportunities for fellowship and encouragement among our men and women by offering monthly events.  Some events are meant only for fun and fellowship and some are designed to provide encouragement and discipleship. 

Multi-Cultural Ministry

Our newest ministry, the Multi-Cultural Ministry of City View was born out of a relationship with a group of African visitors (who soon became members) with a desire to hold a worship service in their native Kinyarwanda language.  We wanted to create the opportunity for them to do just that, while also leaving space within the framework of the ministry to allow for other cultures to come to City View with a similar desire and be ministered to as well.  As a part of City View Church, the MCM has helped facilitate the start of this African service, as well as provide support and training in the areas of preaching/teaching, children’s ministry, parenting, and more.  The addition of these wonderful people over the last few months has been a tremendous blessing to City View Church.

Worship Ministry

Worship is our personal and corporate expression of our adoration of God. Every aspect of our worship is based on God's Word and empowered by His Holy Spirit. More than singing a few songs, worship is our response to the awesome God we serve and what He has done for us. Throughout the week, we desire to live lives that honor God with every breath—and on Sundays, we gather together to express our love to Him.  God has richly blessed City View with a variety of talented musicians and singers who express their love and devotion to God through music.


Missions Ministry


Our Missions Ministry helps to keep in focus the outward reach toward the lost community around us that characterized Jesus and should characterize his followers.  We are not a country club where we gather to be entertained with our friends.  City View Church is a local missions outpost, equipped with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we must herald it throughout our community.  The Missions Ministry strategizes in the areas of prayer, local missions, and global missions and makes recommendations to the church.


Student Ministry


City View Students exists to encourage students to know, love, and serve Jesus.  Its purpose is simply to fulfill the mission statement of City View Church in a student-oriented context.   It strives to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ by accepting youth from every background and by representing Jesus as a group wherever we go and in whatever we do.  City View Students is open to grades 5th-12th from any school.

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